Books, Monographs and Symposia

The Uniform Commercial Code (Wyoming Legal Research Bureau, 1960)

Accommodating the Workload of the United States Courts of Appeals (American Bar Foundation, 1968)

Civil Procedure: Cases with Comments on the Process of Adjudication (editor) (Little Brown & Co., 1969)

Reviewed: Barron, 68 Mich. L. Rev. 1062; Stone, 85 Harv. L. Rev. 712

Training for the Public Professions of the Law (editor)(Association of American Law Schools, 1971) reprinted: ALI-ABA Joint Committee, 1972; Packer & Ehrlich, New Directions in Legal Education (McGraw-Hill, 1972)

reviewed: 1972 U. Ill. L. F. 843 (Brickman)

Appellate Justice: 1975 (editor) (National Center for State Courts, 5 vols.)

Justice on Appeal (West Pub. Co., 1976) (with Meador & Rosenberg)

Civil Procedure: Cases with Comments on the Process of Adjudication (Little Brown & Co., 2d ed., 1977) (edited with Babcock)

Reviewed: Walker, Stan. L. Rev. (1979)

Civil Procedure, Gilbert's Outline (Harcourt Brace Janovich, 11th ed., 1980) (with Hazard)

Civil Procedure: Cases with Comments on the Process of Adjudication (Little Brown & Co., 3d ed., 1983) (edited with Babcock)

Federal Appellate Jurisdiction, 47-2&3 Law & Contemp. Prob. (1984) (Editor) (double issue)

Empirical Studies of Civil Procedure, 51-3&4 Law and Contemp. Prob. (1989) (Editor, double issue)

The Hague Conference on Private International Law, 57-3 Law and Contemp. Prob. (1994) (edited with Adair Dyer)

Appeals (Michie & Co. 1994) (edited with Meador and Rosenberg)

Readings on Judicial Independence and Accountability (American Bar Association 1998) (edited with Christopher D. Rae)

Judicial Independence and Democratic Accountability 61-1 Law and Contemp. Prob. (1999)(edited with D. Price Marshall)

Stewards of Democracy: Law as A Public Profession (Harper Collins Westview 1999)

              Reviews: Kevin L. Keeler, Wisconsin Lawyer 28 (July 2000)

              Jefferson Powell, 27 Duke L. Mag.  22 (2000)

              Francis Allen, 4 Green Bag 2d 223 (2000)

              Jeffrey O�Connell & Thomas O�Connell, 16 J. L. & Pol.479 (2000)

              Patrick Gudridge,  20 Cardozo L. Rev. 830 (2001)

Spreading America�s Word: Stories of Lawyer-Missionaries (Twelve Tables 2005)

Reforming the Court: Term Limits for Justices (edited with Roger Cramton, (Carolina Academic Press.2006)

Law and Class in America: Trends Since the Cold War (edited with Trina Jones, New York University Press, 2006)




Articles, Chapters and Reviews

Political Questions: The Judicial Check on the Executive, 42 Va. L. Rev. 175 (1956)

Book Review, Alexandrowicz: Constitutional Developments in India, 71 Harv. L. Rev. 1590 (1958)

The Moral Quality of the Criminal Law, 54 NW. U. L. Rev. 575 (1959)

A Foreword to the Study of the Uniform Commercial Code, 14 Wyo. L. J. 17 (1959)

Banking, Commercial Paper and Investment Securities Under the Uniform Commercial Code, 14 Wyo. L. J. 198 (1959)

Sales and Bulk Sales Under the Uniform Commercial Code, 15 Wyo. L.J. 1 (1960)

Book Review, Bok: Star Wormwood, 73 Harv. L. Rev. 1435 (1960)

The Modern Utility of the Quasi in Rem Jurisdiction, 76 Harv. L. Rev. 303 (1962)

Collateral Estoppel and Foreign Judgments, 24 Ohio St. L. J. 381 (1963)

Book Review, Honnold & Farnsworth: Cases and Materials on Commercial Law, 50 Minn. L. Rev. 601 (1966)

Book Review, Arnold: Fair Fights and Foul, 65 Mich. L. Rev. 562 (1966)

Substantive Interests and the Jurisdiction of State Courts, 66 Mich. L. Rev. 227 (1967) (with James A. Martin)

Discovery: An Overview of the Uses and Goals of Discovery in Hospital Liability Cases, in Hospital Liability Law (Inst. Cont. Leg. Ed. 1968)

Tax Assessors and Their Information, 10 Michigan Assessors 3 (1968)(with Michael Levy)

Professionalism and Our Troubled Times, 54 A.B.A. J. 943 (1969)

Crowded Dockets and the Courts of Appeals: The Threat to the Function of Review and the National Law, 82 Harv. L. Rev. 542 (1969)

The Power of the District Judge, 3 Ga. L. Rev. 507 (1969)

The Many Mansions of a University, 17 Am. J. Comp. Law 331 (1969)

Academic Freedom at the University of Mississippi, 56 AAUP Bulletin 75 (1970) (with Adams)

Adjudication Procedures, in The New Michigan Administrative Procedures (Cramton & Holmes, eds., 1970)

Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities, 1 J. Human Rights 140 (1970) (with others) republished: Revista de Derechos Humanos (1971)

Improving Procedures in the Decisional Process, 52 F.R.D. 51 (1971)

Civilizing University Discipline, 69 Mich. L. Rev. 393 (1971)

The Limits of University Sanctions in Law and Discipline on Campus: 1971 (Inst. Cont. Leg. Ed.)

On Egalitarian Overzeal: A Polemic Against the Local School Property Tax Cases, 1971 U. Ill. L. F. 232 (1972) republished: Law Review Digest, 1973 Education and Law, 1972

Financing the American Dream: Equality and School Taxes, 73 Colum. L. Rev. 1227 (1973)

The Proposed Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1973, Law Quad Notes (1973)

Book Review, Fish: The Politics of Federal Judicial Administration, 72 Mich. L. Rev. 628 (1974)

Book Review, Posner, Law and Economics, 1974 U. ILL. L. F. 187

A Foreword to the Study of the New Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure (West 1974)

Paraprofessionalism in Higher Education, House Judiciary Committee Hearings (1974)

United States Appeals: A Field and Statistical Analysis, 11 Houston L. Rev. 1104 (1974)

On the Pursuit of Competence, Trial Magazine, Dec. 1976

The Alienation of Law Students, 75 Mich. L. Rev. 887 (1977) (with James Conley)

Current Developments in Judicial Administration, 80 F.R.D. 180 (1978)

Negative Attitudes of Law Students: A Republication of the Alienation and Dissatisfaction Factors, 76 Mich. L. Rev. 1036 (1978) (with James Conley)

Let the Tribunal Fit the Case - A Comment, 80 F.R.D. 180 (1978)

The University Law School and Legal Services, 53 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 402 (1978)

Adjudication as a Private Good - A Comment, 8 J. Leg. St. 303 (1979)

Ceremony and Realism, 66 A.B.A. J. 860 (1980)

              reviewed 55 Cal State Bar J 471 (1980)

The Right to Zealous Counsel, 1979 Duke L. J. 1291 (1980)

Book Review, Allen: Law, Intellect and Education, 79 Mich. L. Rev. 1477 (1981)

Dedication Address, 1 Duke Law Magazine 6 (1982)

Cultural Narcissism in Law, 93 F.R.D. 734 (1982)

Book Review, Stevens: Law School, 72 Calif. L. Rev. 477 (1984)

Call for A Profession of Truth, 34 J. Leg. Ed. 105 (1984)

Of Law and the River, 34 J. Leg. Ed. 222 (1984)

Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution, 34 J. Leg. Ed. 298 (1984)

              republished in Civil Procedure Anthology (Levine, Doernberg & Nelken eds, 1998)

Toward a Federal Interlocutory Appeals Act, 47-3 Law & Contemp. Prob.165 (1984)

Correspondence, 35 J. Leg. Ed. 924 (1985)

Book Review, Posner: The Federal Courts, 71 A.B.A. J. 160 (1985)

The Dangers of A Graduate School Model, 35 J.Leg.Ed. 11 (1986)

James A. Martin: An Appreciation, 84 Mich. L. Rev. (1986)

Trial by Jury, in 4 Ency. of the American Constitution (McMillan 1986) (Levy, Karst & Mahoney, eds.)

The Function of the Civil Appeal: A Late Century View, 1978 S.Car.L. Rev. 411 (1987)

Statement, Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1987 (S. 558), Hearings Before the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate, 100th Congress, lst Sess. 570 (June 4, 1987)

Afterword:  Why Deans Quit, 1987 Duke L.J. 342 (1987)

Law, the River and the Lamp (Occasional Paper of American College of Trial Lawyers, 1987)

Book Review, Halliday: Beyond Monopoly: Lawyers, State Crises and Professional Empowerment, 240 Science 1055 (1988)

Freedom and Community in the Academy, 66 Texas L. Rev. 1577 (1988)

Continuing Work on the Civil Rules: Summons, 63 Notre Dame L.Rev. 733 (1988)

Statement re Deletion of Supersession Provision from Rules Enabling Act, Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings (1988)

Exorcising the Bogy of Non-Transsubstantive Rules and Making Rules to Dispose of Manifestly Unfounded Assertions, 137 U.Pa.L.Rev 2067 (1989)

"Substance" and "Procedure" in the Rules Enabling Act, 1989 Duke L. J. 281

A Senate of Five, 23 Georgia L. Rev. 859 (1989)

David F. Cavers, 51-3 Law and Contemp. Problems xii (1989)

Foreword, Empirical Studies of Civil Procedure, 51-3 Law & Contemp. Prob. 1 (1989)

Commencement Remarks, 11 Benchmarks 38 (1989)

Courts of Appeals - District Court Relations, in The Federal Courts in the Twenty-First Century (Federal Judicial Center, 1990)

Trial by Jury in Civil Litigation: An American Idiosyncracy, in United States/Japan Commercial Law and Trade (Kusuda-Smick ed. 1990)

The Revolutionary Idea of University Legal Education, 31 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 527 (1990)

Teaching Law and Virtue at Transylvania University: The George Wythe Tradition in the Antebellum Years, 41 Mercer L. Rev 673 (1990)

The Civil Jury at 199: Reflections on a Forthcoming Bicentennial, 1990 U. Chi. L. F. 1

The Unknown Court, in Restructuring Justice (Hellman, ed., 1990)

Aftermath, in Essays in Honor of Patrick Atiyah (Cane & Stapleton eds., 1991)

The New Order in Judicial Rulemaking, 73 Judicature 131 (1991)

Teaching Law in the Antebellum Northwest, 23 U. Tol. L. Rev. 3 (1992)

Butterfly Effects: The Political Influence of Law Teachers, 41 Duke L. J. 741 (1992)

The Boalt Affair, 41 J. Leg. Ed. 263 (1992)

Why Deans Stay: A Quitters Response, 51 Md. L. Rev.505 (1992)

Law and Chivalry: An Exhortation from the Spirit of the Hon. Hugh Henry Brackenridge of Pittsburgh (1748-1816), 53 U.Pitt.L.Rev. 705 (1992)

Preble Stolz, 80 Calif. L. Rev. 811 (1992)

The Aims of Early American Law Teaching: the Patriotism of Francis Lieber, 42 J. Leg. Ed. 339 (1992)

Diversity!, 1992 Utah L. Rev. 1105

One Law: The Role of Legal Education in The Opening of the Legal Profession Since 1776, 44 Fla. L. Rev. 591 (1993)

Meaning and Professionalism in American Law, 10 Constitutional Commentary 297 (1993)

Comment on Derrick Bell's "Diversity and Academic Freedom," 43 J. Leg. Ed. 380 (1993)

Remembering Jefferson, 2 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 455 (1993)

International Litigation in the Courts of the United States, in The International Symposium on Civil Justice In The Era of Globalization: Collected Reports (1993)

Buffaloes and Straw Men, 26 Conn. L. Rev. 296 (1993)

How We Got Here and Where We Are Headed, in Revolutionary Changes in Practice Under The New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (M. Aspen & J. Solovy eds., 1994)

Our Courts Need Friends: How Rule 26 Came To Be, 156 F. R. D. 295 (1994)

Reflections on the Interface of Treaties and Rules of Procedure: Time for Federal Long-Arm Jurisdiction, 57-3 Law & Contemp. Prob. 153 (1994) (with Dickson Phillips)

Legal Education for the People: Populism and Civic Virtue, 43 Kan. L. Rev. 1 (1994)

The Missionary Diocese of Chicago, 44 J. Leg. Ed. 467 (1994)

The Twenty-First Wisdom, 52 Wash & Lee L. Rev. 333 (1995)

Good Sense and 21, 52 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 987 (1995)

Der Einschluss kontinentalen Rechts und Juristen und Rechtskultur der USA, 1776-1933, 11 Juristen Zeitung 183 (1995) republished as The Influences of Continental Law on American Legal Education and Legal Institutions, in Toward Comparative Law in the 21st Century at 1037 (Chuo University Press, Tokyo, 1998)

Hail! Langdell!, 20 J. Law & Social Inquiry 691 (1995)

William Gardiner Hammond and the Lieber Revival, 16 Cardozo L. Rev. 2135 (1995)

Professor Wigmore, 1 Toin L. Rev. 219 (1995)(in Japanese)

Maurice Rosenberg, 95 Colum. L. Rev. 1901 (1995)

Federal Use of State Institutions in the Administration of Justice, 49 SMU L. Rev. 557 (1996)

ADR and Future Adjudication: A Primer on Dispute Resolution, 15 Rev. of Litigation 1 (1996)

              reprinted  in 31 International Society of Barristers Quarterly 362 (1996)

A New Confederacy? Disunionism in the Federal Courts, 45 Duke L. J. 929 (1996)

A Tale of Two Lawyers, 91 Northwestern Univ. L. Rev. 615 (1997)

Contract and Jurisdiction, 1996 Supreme Court Review 331 (1997) (with Paul Haagen)

Law as �The Common Thoughts of Men:� The Law-Teaching and Judging of Thomas McIntyre Cooley, 49 Stan. L. Rev. 495 (1997)

The War on Drugs: Time for A Reality Check?, 14 Thomas Cooley L. Rev. 161 (1997)

The Constitutional Limits of Judicial Rulemaking: The Illegitimacy of Mass Tort Settlements Under Federal Rules 23, 39 Ariz. L. Rev. 461 (1997) (with Derek Apanovitch)

Reluctant Experts, 59-4 Law & Contemp. Prob. 101 (1997) (with Traci Jones)

Law and The Wisconsin Idea, 48 J. Leg. Ed. 297 (1997) (with Erika  King)

Renovating Discovery, 49 Ala. L. Rev. 51 (1997)

On Law and Science, Duke Law Magazine 30 (Spring 1998)

O! Miss Larsen!, 1 Alibi 31 (1998)

The New Social Darwinism, 1 Green Bag 2d 235 (1998)

The Future of Civil Justice in North Carolina, N. C. State Bar J. 32 (Summer 1998)

Remarks on Discovery Reform, 39 B. C. L. Rev. 809 (1998)

Regulating Dispute Resolution Provisions in Adhesion Contracts, 35 Harv. J. Legis. 227 (1998)

Law and Economics in the Creation of Federal Administrative Law: Thomas Cooley, Village Elder to the Republic, 83 Iowa L. Rev. 363 (1997)

Virtual Civil Litigation: A Visit to John Bunyan�s Celestial City, 98 Colum. L. Rev. 501 (1998), republished as Virtuelles Ziviverfarhren in den USA: Ein Besuch in John Bunyans Himmlischer Statt in ZZZ International (Spring 1999) and in American Bar Association Judicial Division, The Improvement of the Administration of Justice 477 (7th ed 2001)

The Constitutional Law Scholarship of Thomas McIntyre Cooley, 41 Am. J. Leg. Hist. 368 (1997)

In Tribute to Editors of the Journal of Legal Education, 49 J. Leg. Ed. 2 (1999)

Moths to the Light: The Dubious Virtues of American Civil Procedure, 48 U. Kan. L. Rev. 1 (1998) and in Festschrift fur Bernhard Grossfeld zum 65. Geburtstag 129 (Ulrich Hubner & Werner Ebke ed., Frankfurt, 1999)

Ernst Freund, 7 American National Biography 470 (1999)

Fitness Training, 2 Green Bag 2d 131 (1999)

My Devon: Memoir of A Nerd, 2 Alibi 35 (1999)

A Proposal for a Proceeding in the Nature of A Bill of Peace to Determine Scientific Issues Recurring in Civil Litigation (with Cramton and O�Connell) in Mass Torts Working Group of Judicial Conference of the United States, Conference on Mass Torts (1999)

Judicial Independence and Democratic Accountability, 61-3 Law & Contemp. Prob 79 (1998)

Restoring Vitality to State and Local Politics: Correcting the Excessive Independence of the Supreme Court, 50 Ala. L. Rev. 397  (1999)

Recent Efforts to Change Discovery Rules: Do They Advance the Purposes of Discovery? in Controversies Surrounding Discovery and Its Effects on the Courts at 51 (Roscoe Pound Institute, 1999)

Lawyers Amid the Redemption of the South, 4 Roger Williams L. Rev. 21 (1999)

Teaching Civil Procedure: A Retrospective View, 49 J. Leg. Ed. 311 (1999) also published as Teaching American Civil Procedure since 1779, in Legal Canons (J. M. Balkin & Sanford Levinson eds, New York University Press, 2000)

Tanking the Rankings: Thoughts on Law Schools Rankings by The Media (The American Lawyer, April 2000)

A True Confession, 2 Alibi 23 (2000)

No Substitute for Ed, 2 Alibi 24 (2000)

The Dark Side of Contract Law, Trial Magazine (May 2000), reprinted in Jeffrey A. Parness, Civil Procedure in State and Federal Courts (2001)

A Mother�s Day Eulogy for Margaret Walker Wythe, 3 Green Bag 2d. 255 (2000) (with Laura Kelley)

Big Money in Texas Judicial Elections: The Sickness and Its Remedies, 53 SMU L. Rev. 263 (2000)

Tocqueville�s Aristocracy in Minnesota, 26 Wm. Mitchell L. Rev. 485 (2000)

Virtual Arbitration, 15 Ohio State J. Disp. Res. 669 (2000)

Recent Efforts to Change Discovery Rules: Advice for Draftsmen of Rules for State Courts, 13 Kansas J. L. & Pub. Policy 456 (2000)

Two Letters to Judge Eaton, 37 Court Review 14 (Summer 2000)

The Obsolescence of the United States Court of Appeals, 15 J. Law & Politics 515 (1999)

A Christmas Thought for Children, 4 Green Bag 2d 139 (Winter 2001)

Growing Up Political, 3 Alibi (2001)

Our Imperial First Amendment, 34 U. Richmond L. Rev. 1167  (2000)

Tikkun Olam: A Mother�s Day Eulogy for Frederika Dembetz Brandeis, 4 Green Bag 2d. 247 (Spring 2001) (with Sarah Berger)

Appeals, 1 Encyclopedia of Social Sciences 585 (2001 ed)

The Right to Self Government after Bush v. Gore, (with H. Jefferson Powell, December 29, 2001)

Selecting North Carolina Judges in the 21st Century, North Carolina State Bar Journal 8 (Spring 2002)

A Mother�s Day Eulogy for Janet Llewellyn, 5 Green Bag 2d 265 (Spring 2002)

Fearing Fear Itself, 5 Green Bag 2d 375 (Summer 2002)

Unconscionable Predispute Arbitration Provisions in Construction Contracts, Molds: A Mold Property and Personal Injury Magazine 51 (October 2002)(with Paul Y. Castle)

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Clients I Remember, 4 Alibi 40 (2002), reprinted Part 1 in Experience 10 (Winter 2003), Part 2 in Experience 16 (Summer 2003), Part 3 in Experience  28 (Spring 2004)

Exporting Democracy to Iraq, Perspectives 1 (March 2003) (in English and in Chinese)

Self-Deregulation, The �National Policy� of the Supreme Court, 3 Nevada L. Rev. 259 (2002)

Unconscionable Lawyers, .19 Georgia St. L. Rev. 361 (2002)

A Eulogy to Harriet Joyner Wigmore, 6 Green Bag 2d 229 (2003)

The Civil Jury and American Democracy, 13 Duke J. Comp & Intl L.  79 (2003)

On Ranking: A Response to Mitchell Berger, 53 J. Leg. Ed  301 (2003)

Die Streit-Macht: Amerikaner klagen gern. Wie aber funktioniert das Rechtsystem der USA? Und wie wirkt es sich auf die Globulisierung aus?, Der Tagesspiegel, November 18, 2003 at 57.

Correct Speech and Incorrect Hearing: A Problem of Post-Modern Legal Education, 53 J. Leg. Ed. 404 (2003)

The American Tradition of Private Law Enforcement, in Bitburger Gespr�che Jahrbuch 2003

Harmonization of Civil Procedure in Diverse American Jurisdictions, in Discretionaire Bevoegheid van de Rechter: Grenzen en Controle (M. Storme & B. Hess eds. Maastricht 2004)

My Mission to Bogot�, 7 Alibi 33 (2004)

The Evils of Longevity, 7 Green Bag 2d 125 (2004)

A Father�s Day Eulogy to William Darrah Kelley (with Christopher Machera), 7 Green Bag 2d 209 (2004)

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A Reflection on Rulemaking: The Rule 11 Experience, 37 Loyola L. Rev.563 (with Andrew Wasson) (2004)

Democracy at the American Courthouse: Distinctive Features of American Legal
der Tagespiegel ,  October 22 2003, republished Humboldt University Law Forum,at (Berlin 2004).

Reflections on Brown, 20 J. App. Practice & Process 101 (2004)

Reproducing the Right Sort of Hierarchy, in Duncan Kennedy, The Reproduction of Hierarchy  145 (2d ed., NYU Press 2004)

Revocability of Contract Provisions Controlling Resolution of Future Disputes (with Paul Castle) 67 L&CP 207 (2004)

Preface to George W. Liebmann, The Common Law Tradition: A Collective Portrait of Five Legal Scholars ix-xviii (2005).

A Mother�s Day Salute to Mary Hamilton Houston , 8 Green Bag 2d  235 (with Kenny Ching) (2005)

Duke Law in China: A Remembrance, Duke Law Magazine 24 (Fall 2005)

The American College of Cardinals, Association for German-American Relations (2005)

Renewing the Supreme Court (with Roger Cramton) in Reforming the Supreme Court (2006) republished at

Congress and the Court, in Reforming the Supreme Court (2006)Using Public Funds for Corporate Welfare: A Nineteenth Century View of Kelo, 8 Green Bag 2d  --


A Ghostly Reply from Thomas Cooley, 8 Green Bag 2d 216 (2006)

Law Made in Skyboxes: An Evolution in American Law (with Trina Jones) in Law and Class in America: Trends since the Cold War (2006)

A Barnburning Court: The Chief Justiceship of Thomas Cooley, in Michigan Legal History (Paul Finckelman & Mark J. Hershock eds. 2006)

A Salute to Melvin G. Shimm, 69-1 Law & Contemporary Problems 6 (2006)

Testamentary Incorrectness: A Review Essay (re King & Roth, Broken Trust) 54 Buffalo Law Review 610 (2006)

Mandatory Constitutions, 1 Bucerius Law Journal , (2007)

Foreign Plaintiffs in American Courts, 9 Waseda Proceedings of. Comp. L.149-(2007)

Asbestos Lessons, 25 Review of Litigation 1170 (2007) (to be republished in Personal Injury Claims , A. Sabitha ed., Punjagutta 2008)

Mandatory Arbitration Clauses: Time to Revise FAA, National Law Journal, July 30, 2007 at 12.

Review, Noble Purposes: Nine Champions of the Rule of Law (Gross ed.), 26 Law and History Rev.218 (2008)

A Critical Assessment of the Cultural And Institutional Roles of Appellate Courts: The Second Edition of Appellate Courts: Structures, Functions, Processes and Personnel (Meador, Baker & Steinman), to be published by 9 J. App. Prac & Process 231 (2008)

Could and Should America Have Made an Ottoman Republic?, 49 Wm & Mary L. Rev.1071 (2008)

Writing Other Peoples� Constitutions, 33 North Carolina Journal of International and Commercial Law 167 (2008)

Enforcing Public Law on a Global Scale: The Relevance of  the American Experience, in the French Code of Civil Procedure  (1806) After 200 Years  389 ( van Rhee, Heirbaut & Storme eds) (Maastricht 2008)

Law and Transnational Corruption: The Need for Lincoln�s Law Abroad, 70 Law &Contemp Prob. 109 (2008), republished as Law and Transnational Corruption: Is There A Need for Lincoln�s Law Abroad? in The Civil Consequences of Corruption (Olaf Meyer ed., Berlin 2008)

Freedom to Err: The Idea of Natural Selection in Politics, Schools, and Courts 17 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 1 (2008)

A Military Salute (Green Bag 2d 2008)

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Justice on Appeal in Criminal Cases: A Twentieth Century Perspective, 93 Marquette Law Rev. 2010)


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